Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer 2015 Sewing Project Update

We are still making progress on the Sani-Panti Project for the Little Dresses for Africa organization.  Last weekend, we began to sew some neat zippered pouches.  (Thanks to WhitneySews for her wonderful You Tube Tutorial!)

Zippered Bag Tutorial:

Whitney's Twitter handle:  @WhitneySews

Great Resources for Getting Started with Cloth Pads:
1.   Sani-Panti Sewing Instructions on the Little Dresses for Africa Web site

2.  At this site, click on the "Sewing Pads" section to view sewing patterns and a hand drawn instruction sheet for cloth pad use and care.

3. EcoMenses

4. Understanding Fabrics

You Tube Videos for Sewing Cloth Pads:  
Amanda Webster:


~3D Twinz

Twitter handle:  @3DTwinz

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